How to Clean Your Bong

24 Aug 2022

How to Clean Your Bong

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Not only does proper care and cleaning of your bong keep your bud tasting its absolute best, but it also keeps you safe from potentially harmful bacteria. When it comes to how often you should be cleaning your bong, you’ll hear a variety of opinions ranging from every week–to every month–to why bother? But as we all know, opinions are like lighters – everyone’s got one or they’ve stolen one from somebody else! All corny stoner jokes aside though, bacteria can begin to form in bong water within 24 hours. You should consider changing your water and rinsing out your piece daily. As for the actual cleaning – if you’re seeing gunky build-up it’s probably time for a good wash. Never invite mold to the smoke sesh again– clean your glass!

So how do you clean a bong? One way is to whip out the isopropyl alcohol. When using this method, it is essential that you have adequate ventilation – cleaning outside isn’t a bad idea. Start by dumping out that ancient bong water and whatever sea monkeys have formed in it. After giving your bong a good rinse with warm water, pour in the isopropyl alcohol. There is no need to completely fill your bong, you’re looking for a thin layer of coverage. For more stubborn rings you can add coarse salt to the mix. Next, make sure you cover the openings of your piece (Pro Tip: Cleaning Caps make this way easier!) and shake vigorously so the mixture reaches all those nooks and crannies. Once you’ve finished shakin’ it, dump out that heinous liquid and give your bong a warm water rinse. Cleaning your bowl pieces (yup, you’ve got to clean those too!) using the alcohol method is made easier with isopropyl cotton swabs. You simply snap the end and the liquid will disperse. From there just polish that puppy up.


Sick of the alcohol method and looking for something even easier? While there are a variety of cleaning products on the market, you can’t go wrong with Formula 420. Following the instructions on the bottle, you simply shake it up, distribute an even layer of liquid and crystals in the bottom of your bong, and cover the openings.  From there it’s time to shake it, baby, shake it! The mystical blue liquid will break up all gunk and leave you with a beautiful, clean bong. Finally, dump out the cleaning solution and give it a thorough rinse. For your bowl piece, simply toss it in a plastic bag, add cleaning solution, seal the bag, and SHAKE!! As always, after removing your bowl from the solution, give it a thorough rinse in warm water. And PRESTO-BLAMO! You’re ready for the most glorious smoke sesh with your most magnificent, squeaky-clean bong!

Remember: Whichever method you use, always read and follow the instructions and safety guidelines on the bottles!


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