Miranda – Budtender

Hello! My name is Miranda! I recently moved to the Seattle area from Dallas, TX this last spring.

I am very passionate about art, music, and of course cannabis! In my spare time, I love to paint and have been a professional photographer for almost 10 years. I’d also consider myself a professional cannabis connoisseur as well!  

Cannabis has had such a positive impact in my life. I not only enjoy the benefits of this magical plant, but it makes my day seeing others, especially people that use cannabis medically, have a boost in the quality of their life. Whether it be a joint, BR or dab, I’m always up for a session to meet new people and burn some dank!

I always like to know about strains that others really enjoy, for me, Alien Candy is the strain that will always put a smile on my face. The combination of flavor, smell, density, potency and appearance make it impossible to not have a toke of this tasty smoke.

I look forward to meeting you when you come in to Buddy’s!